More Than 25 Years of Grantmaking

    For nearly three decades, The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis has helped improve the health of central Indiana, especially for those who are underserved or marginalized.  Other organizations have come to rely on The Health Foundation to act fairly and thoughtfully in pursuit of health equity.

    The Health Foundation proactively seeks out programs, builds partnerships and encourages innovative solutions to some of our community’s most pressing health needs through targeted grant making. Together with partner organizations, The Health Foundation has built a reputation for funding the unfundable and seeks health justice for the disadvantaged.


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    News & Announcements

    January 14, 2014
    M.A.C. AIDS Fund presents more than $71,000 to the Indiana AIDS Fund to
    support emergency financial assistance for those living with HIV/AIDS
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    January 9, 2014
    The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis awards more than $440,000
    to provide assistance, navigation for the Affordable Care Ace Health
    Insurance Marketplace for Indiana residents (Click here)

    December 1, 2013
    AIDS United AmeriCorps Team visits Brownsburg High School Seniors
    to discuss HIV/AIDS and a winning newsletter is selected (Newsletter)

    April 12, 2013
    Changing My Mind on Treatment as Prevention (The Body)

    25 Years of The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis
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    25 Trailblazers in Health
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    Our Funding Priorities

    Ending HIV/AIDS in a Generation

    Despite the controversy that surrounded HIV/AIDS in the 1990s, The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis convened a group of service providers, medical professionals, state officials and funders to discuss the HIV/AIDS problem in greater Indianapolis and new collaborations that could help solve it. Today, the Indiana AIDS Fund, a fundraising program of The Health Foundation, raises funds for HIV testing and treatment as prevention in support of the national initiative to end AIDS in a generation.

    Providing Time and Talent for Better Health

    The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis is one of several local organizations that has hosted AmeriCorps members from both the national AmeriCorps program Public Allies, which focuses specifically on advancing new leadership to strengthen communities, non-profits and civic participation, and the AIDS United AmeriCorps program. Each year, our members are matched with HIV/AIDS host agencies and focus on capacity building as well as HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and counseling, case management and outreach. Read more >>

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