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HIV Testing & Treatment as Prevention

Research released in late 2011 indicated those with HIV who are receiving antiretroviral therapy have very low amounts of the virus in their bodies, which can prevent the passing of the virus to others. Unfortunately, only half of those living with HIV are receiving consistent care and an estimated 28 percent have their virus under control. (Source: CDC)

The CDC now recommends that all Americans be tested for HIV at least once, and that those at greater risk get tested once a year or more often. Early detection of HIV and immediate and consistent treatment of the disease can not only extend the lifespan of the person infected, but also drastically reduce the spread of HIV.

Beginning in fall 2012, The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis awarded its first round of grants in line with the new national priority of funding HIV testing & treatment as prevention, which supports this latest research.

Direct Emergency Financial Assistance

Through a partnership with local entrepreneur, Phil Denton, The Health Foundation created the Gregory R. Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistance (DEFA) program in the late 1990s to provide needed assistance to Hoosiers living with HIV/AIDS in emergency situations.  DEFA funds are distributed by The Health Foundation to grantees that provide hands-on care management and assistance including The Damien Center, Eskenazi Hospital (formerly Wishard Hospital) and the LifeCare program at IU Health Methodist. 

These agencies then administer DEFA funds to meet the individual emergency needs of HIV/AIDS infected persons.  In 2014, DEFA funds provided assistance to 2,081 patients. The top five emergency needs were:
1.    Nutrition and Emergency needs (39.05 percent)
2.    Transportation (16.07 percent)
3.    Rent or mortgage assistance (12.66 percent)
4.    Insurance co-payments (12.486.34 percent)
5.    Medication assistance (6.27 percent)

NAMES Project

The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis is honored to be the host organization for The NAMES Project Indiana, more commonly known as the AIDS Quilt.

In June 1987, after losing many friends to AIDS, Cleve Jones created The NAMES Project. The idea of a quilt, offering warmth and comfort, with the names of the many people who have struggled with AIDS was combined into a powerful piece of artwork. As the size of the Quilt has grown (over 46,000 individual panels) so has the Quilt's impact. It continues to be a powerful memorial, as well as an impressive tool for prevention education. Portions of the Quilt are displayed in churches, schools, government centers, and various events worldwide.

For more information regarding obtaining panels of the Quilt for a display, please contact us at (317) 630-1805, or Click Here for a Quilt request form.

HIV Testing Sites

The Indiana State Department of Health’s Counseling, Testing, and Referral program coordinates the efforts of local HIV counseling and testing sites. Click here to find a site that offers counseling, testing and other services in your area.

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